Monthly Archives: October 2010

How is performance information used?

 In this new chapter (In Walshe, K., Harvey, G. & Jas, P. (eds). Connecting knowledge and performance in public services: From knowing to doing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), Wouter Van Dooren and I challenge the assumption of a direct relationship between the existence and availability of information, and its use in decisions. Our basic argument is that the fact that information exists does not mean it will also be used by those in charge. A first set of arguments comes from a somewhat more recent field of study looking at the actual use of performance information by decision makers in the public sector. The second part focuses on structural and organisational factors that may facilitate or complicate the diffusion of information through an organisation. The third part briefly introduces psychological factors that make that certain pieces of information are excluded from consideration in decision making.

Download a preprint of the chapter on SSRN.

2,7 million € COCOPS project

The European Commission approved the COCOPS project. COCOPS (Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future) is funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme as a Small or Medium-Scale Focused Research Project. In COCOPS, Public Administration Departments at 11 universities in 10 countries collaborate. The project will formally start on Jan 1st 2011 and run for 3,5 years. With a budget of nearly 2,7 million €, this is to become one of the largest comparative public management research projects in Europe. I will be the coordinator of this project. A project website and blog will be available soon.