Monthly Archives: October 2011

Performance information in the public sector

The paperback edition of ‘Performance information in the public sector: How it is used‘ is now available. Combining practical experience with academic analysis, this book explores the social and organizational dynamics of performance indicators. It moves beyond the technicalities of measurement and indicators and looks at how performance information is changing the public sector.

ECPR Workshop – citizens and public service performance

Call for papers for a workshop at the ECPR Joint Sessions, Antwerp, Belgium, 10-15th April 2012.

The workshop analyses the interaction between citizens, users and public services that entail public funding, ownership or regulation in the context of contemporary service delivery mechanisms.  The workshop organisers welcome papers on these topics that evaluate the empirical implications of theory using evidence. The workshop will discuss a set of core themes: How do structures for choice, exit, coproduction, consultation and broader voice affect citizens and users’ interaction with public services? How does transparency, including published information about the performance of services, and communications technology affect citizens and users’ interaction with services? Are interactions now consumer rather than citizen oriented? Do market and related methods interact with, and even crowd-out, citizens’ political voice activities? What are the effect of service delivery structures on citizen cooperation with services and coproduction of services? What are the effects of citizen and user feedback on political and managerial service providers, service performance and the continued use of particular mechanisms? Are different groups of citizens and users differently able to use delivery mechanisms to advance their interests? What is the current state of policy-makers’ knowledge about these issues and how can social science inform the future institutional design of mechanisms for citizens and users’ interaction with public services?

Proposal deadline – 1 December. Workshop Directors: Oliver James & Steven van de Walle.