Monthly Archives: December 2012

New article in PMR on implementing public service charters

In this article, we analyse the organizational enablers for the implementation of service charters using a concept mapping methodology with an integrated Delphi study. Our empirical investigation, with the support of forty-five experts who had worked with public service charters in the Netherlands, has resulted in a framework involving forty-four orpmrganizational enablers. It shows that implementing a service charter requires a change management process that addresses both structures/systems and cultural aspects.

New article on New Public Management and Citizens’ Perceptions

Rhys Andrews and I have a new article on “New Public Management and Citizens’ Perceptions of Local Service Efficiency, Responsiveness, Equity and Effectiveness” in Public Management Review.  We examine the relationship between a range of new public management (NPM) practices and citizens’ perceptions of service efficiency, responsiveness, equity and effectiveness in English local governments. We find that public–private relationships have a negative relationship with citizens’ perceptions of all four dimensions of local service performance, but an entrepreneurial strategic orientation exhibits a positive association with all four. Performance management is also likely to positively influence rather than negatively influencing citizens’ perceptions of local public services. Further analysis revealed that the impact of NPM practices varies according to the level of socio-economic disadvantage confronted by local governments. Final version available on the PMR site; preprint as COCOPS Working Paper.