Monthly Archives: August 2013

New article: Two track public services

Is there evidence for the emergence of ‘two-track’ public services, where the wealthiest, best-informed and most assertive customers get the best quality service? In this paper, we use public opinion data of citizen complaint behaviour from 2000 and 2004 towards services of general interest in 15 EU countries to provide a first examination of the ‘two-track’ public services hypothesis. The findings only partly support the expectation that socio-economic factors did have a negative impact over time on citizen complaints. While education did not have such an effect, age did. However, these results should be regarded as provisional for various reasons. See the article here on the Taylor & Francis site, or an open access pre-print version on SSRN

How do top public sector executives rate reforms?

Recent decades have seen a range of public sector reforms, focusing on diverse aspects. Some of these reforms have had a structural dimension and include privatisation, downsizing and outsourcing, while others have focused on aspects such as improving access and transparency, collaboration, and innovation. This contribution in ESADE’s Public newsletter explores how public sector executives rate administrative reforms in their country on a number of dimensions. It presents preliminary findings from the COCOPS survey among 3,173 top public sector executives in 10 European countries.