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Call-for-Papers: Workshop in Speyer on Experiments

Trust and Public Attitudes

On 9-10 September 2014, the study group organises a workshop in Speyer (Germany; prior to the EGPA conference) on the use of experiments in public administration research. During this workshop we want to exchange recent research findings, build a community of scholars that use experimental techniques to study citizens’ attitudes and behaviors towards government, and stimulate collaborations for setting-up cross-national experiments.

The organisers will work towards identifying suitable publication outlets for presented papers. A keynote speech will be delivered by Gregg G. Van Ryzin (Rutgers University).

The Call-for-Papers can be found here.

Key Dates:
Deadline for submission of paper abstracts: 9, May 2014
Notification of authors: 16, May 2014
Submission of final papers: 2, September 2014

Contact information of workshop organisers:
Steven Van de Walle (vandewalle[AT]
Soonhee Kim (shkim07[AT]
Sebastian Jilke (jilke[AT]

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New chapter on choice in public services

Introducing choice and competition in public services was supposed to put citizens in the “driver’s seat”, making them in charge of their service provision. Introducing choice often is indeed beneficial for citizens. However, it sometimes also leads to increased inequality among citizens. This chapter provides an overview of the background, facilitators and pitfalls of choice, illustrated using empirical studies from various sectors (such as education, healthcare and utilities) in various countries. We conclude by arguing that policymakers should make informed decisions regarding choice. Introducing choice can benefit public services, but one should remain cautious for its potential negative effects (Tummers, L., Jilke, S. & Van de Walle, S. (2013). Citizens in Charge? Reviewing the Background and Value of Introducing Choice and Competition in Public Services. In: Dwivedi, Y.K., Shareef, M.A., Pandey, S.K. & Kumar, V. (eds), Public Administration Reformation: Market Demand from Public Organizations. London: Routledge. pp. 24-42). Click here to access  the book.

Vertrouwen in de politie: trends en verklaringen

In dit boek kijken we naar de ontwikkelingen zich de afgelopen jaren hebben voorgedaan in het vertrouwen van burgers in de politie in Nederland, welke factoren bijdragen aan een verklaring in de variatie in vertrouwen in de politie en welke verschillen en overeenkomsten er in dit opzicht bestaan tussen Nederland en andere West-Europese landen. Daarvoor zijn data geanalyseerd uit de European Social Survey (ESS) en de Integrale Veiligheidsmonitor 2010 (IVm). Door de grote omvang en kwaliteit van deze datasets kan een gedetailleerd beeld van het vertrouwen in de politie in Nederland worden weergeven en kunnen verschillende verklaringen worden getest. Het boek is te downloaden op de website van het Programma Politie en Wetenschap.