Monthly Archives: April 2014

Implementing public service charters – new article in PMR

pmrMany organizations have introduced service charters to improve service quality and user satisfaction. However, this goal is not always achieved, with the literature showing both implementation successes and failures. In this article, we analyse the organizational enablers for the implementation of service charters using a concept mapping methodology with an integrated Delphi study. Our empirical investigation, with the support of forty-five experts who had worked with public service charters in the Netherlands, has resulted in a framework involving forty-four organizational enablers. It shows that implementing a service charter requires a change management process that addresses both structures/systems and cultural aspects. You can download the paper here.

Service charters in health care chains

Based on practices in commercial organizations and public services, healthcare organizations are using service charters to inform patients about the quality of service they can expect and to increase patient-centeredness. In the Netherlands, an integrated regional stroke service involving five organizations has developed and implemented a single service charter. The purpose of this study is to determine the organizational enablers for the effective development and implementation of this service charter. This paper was published in BMC Health Services Research, and is available as open access paper.