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Call-for-Papers: Symposium on Experiments in PAR

Trust and Public Attitudes


  Towards an Experimental Public Administration

  DEADLINE: 15 October 2014

Symposium Guest Editors

 Sebastian Jilke (Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

 Steven Van de Walle (Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

 Soonhee Kim (KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Republic of Korea)

Experiments in the social sciences typically involve two main attributes: randomization and manipulation. By this, researchers hope to estimate the causal effect of a given manipulable treatment (versus no treatment) – to which experimental subjects are randomly allocated – on a given outcome (for example the effect of performance-related-pay on work motivation). While such a research strategy certainly comes with new challenges, it provides a clear-cut solution to empirical problems of endogeneity (such as reverse-causality, omitted variable bias, or selection bias) that seem endemic in a survey-oriented discipline like public administration. In doing so, an experimental research agenda can…

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