Monthly Archives: April 2016

Moving to KU Leuven

d3f4baac-37fa-410d-847b-4fd6d9ecba9aI will be moving to KU Leuven on Oct. 1st. After eight years in Rotterdam, I decided to move to KU Leuven, Belgium, which is also where I received my PhD in 2004. Leuven offered me a Research Professorship (BOF ZAP Onderzoeksprofessor), which is a special position paid for through a University fund, and which allows me to build up a research team in Leuven. My host in Leuven will be the Public Governance Institute/Instituut voor de Overheid. I will join a team of PA scholars and political scientists – Geert Bouckaert, Annie Hondeghem, Marleen Brans, Trui Steen, Steven Van Hecke, Bart Maddens, Joep Crompvoets, Bruno Broucker, and Frankie Schram. My research will continue to focus on interaction between citizens and public services, performance, trust, and socialisation of new civil sservants.