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New book: Theory and practice of public sector reform

9781138887411Theory and Practice of Public Sector Reform offers readers differing theoretical perspectives to help examine the process of public sector reform, combined with an overview of major trends in the core areas of the functioning of the public sector. Essential for students of public sector reform, with contributions by Olsen, Hood, Bouckaert. Osborne, Klijn, Peters and many others, written as a liber amicorum for Walter Kickert,

Public administration reforms in Europe: The view from the top

The fiHammerschmid Publicnal volume of the COCOPS project has now been published. With 42 authors, 17 countries covered, and based on a survey of 6700 top civil servants in Europe it offers a comprehensive empirical overview of current public sector reforms in Europe. Click here for the leaflet and for the publisher’s website. This book explores the impacts of New Public Management (NPM)-style reforms in Europe from a uniquely comparative perspective. It examines and analyses empirical findings regarding the dynamics, major trends and tools of administrative reforms, with special focus on the diversity of top executives’ perceptions about the effects of those reforms.

COCOPS dataset now open access

A version of the dataset from the COCOPS top public executive survey, with responses from over 7000 top central government executives in 21 countries, on public sector reform, managerial tools and behaviours, is now available open access through the Gesis social science data archive. Some restrictions still apply to the full dataset. Please use the data, and the COCOPS researchers are open to all kinds of research collaborations.